Chicca Lualdi BeeQueen e il design di Rothko e Magistretti

Chicca Lualdi Beequeen

Geometry colour and matter –  these are the starting points of this collection which, inspired by essentiality  has sought  in  details the way to express itself through  a sartorial technique. This research has led to manufacturing garments as light as sculptures made of a delicate equilibrium between textures and colour strips, to the point where the eye find it hard to distinguish the sewing.

The collection was moved by two sources of inspiration: Rothkpo when it comes to colour and Magistretti’s sinuosity for cuts ad lines.

Chicca Lualdi Beequeen

Italian sartorial tradition claims the well-turned as an entirely Italian talent in fashion and design which will never undergo the test of time, technology and globalisation but stands as the expression of our history and tradition.  The “simplicity and purity of cuts” are the beliefs of the well-turned valorisation and the quality of fabrics.

Chicca Lualdi Beequeen

An easy and immediate fashion yet not less gratifying.  Sobriety is the approach to elegance, but then again the colour is not without charm, a touch of femininity given by geometrical opening at the back or the use of a geometrical and modern macramé. It is an attempt to detach from a show off and stereotyped world where most women are not at ease in their daytime dressing.

Chicca Lualdi Beequeen

Soft and warm colours such as cobalt blue, copper, antique gold displayed in enveloping fabrics. Pixel micro prints on doquè fabric, duchesse matched with mink, loden wool  matched with duchesse to bring femininity even to garment carrying a sporty DNA, yak knits, silk and cashmere made in stitches evoking lines and geometries.

Chicca Lualdi Beequeen

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