Working People by Stetson


Stetson is proud to introduce the Spring/Summer 2014 collection – highlighting determination, skill, and good, old-fashioned hard work. The collection includes hats and caps found on working men, special, professional, and authentic people, from every discipline: from bike messengers to mechanics; longshoremen to chefs; tattoo artists to bricklayers. Stetson presents styles that are characteristic of and appropriate for work with conviction, understanding, and experience.
Rugged workwear fabrics have been incorporated and washed down to create an
authentic/utilitarian look with a soft/wearable feel. A functional helmet and bicolored cycling and sporting caps have been reimagined. Stetson’s dedication to superior craftsmanship and lasting style is an homage to discerning individuals who strive for the same virtues in their own lives.
Farmers and gardeners, sculptors, gas station attendants, plasterers and painters will find their favorite styles in this collection.


The themed collection includes vintage optics from real life, such as silk/linen covering a cycle helmet and bicolored cycling caps — and not just for bicycle couriers. Washed-out 12-ounce canvas is represented through ivy caps with a washed full-leather brim. Ideally used for ivy and newsboy caps and trilbies, cotton/linen fabric with noticeable hand-sewn effect will remind you of
old work shirts. Pure linen with a twill weave is worked on both sides and offers an unusually soft, structured fabric that is integrated excellently into the themed collection with its worker look in blue/ecru. Another novelty is the patchwork of printed cotton fabric. And let’s not forget:
“rinsed” denim with contrast backstitching in casual worker and ivy shapes. An additional eye-catcher is the straw hat in fine toyo/viscose webbing with a ribbon that has a multicolored fantasy print. The themed collection of “Working People” is marked with a hang tag in the form of a miniature measuring tape with an embossed metal casing. The articles are lined with a
lightweight canvas in two-tone blue with a logo print.



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